The Building Official is appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the City Commission. During temporary absence or disability of the building official the appointing authority shall designate an Acting Building Official. When reference is made to the duties of certain officials named in any of the codes adopted, the terms electrical inspector, plumbing inspector, and gas inspector, whenever used in this code shall each refer to the Building Official unless a separate inspector has been appointed.

The Building Official receives applications required, issue permits and furnish the prescribed certificates. He shall examine the premises for which permits have been issued and may make necessary inspections. He may enforce all provisions of the building code. To enforce compliance with law, to remove illegal or unsafe conditions, to secure the necessary safeguards during construction, or to require adequate exit facilities in buildings and structures, he shall issue such notices or orders as may be necessary.

Performs inspections required under the provisions of the building code on commercial, residential and other construction or remodeling during various phases of constriction to ensure compliance with applicable codes. Such inspections may include plumbing, mechanical, electrical, framing, footing, etc. The Building Official may accept reports of inspectors of recognized inspection services, after investigation of their qualifications and reliability. Confers with architects, contractors, builders, engineers, developers and the general public to ensure compliance to codes. Verifies county perk tests documentation for septic tank installation.

The Building Official shall keep comprehensive records of applications, of permits issued, of certificates issued, of inspections made, of reports rendered, and of notices or orders issued. All such records shall be open to public inspection for good and sufficient reasons at the stated office hours, but shall not be removed from the office of the Building Official without his written consent.

The Building Official is designated as the Administrative Officer for the City of Heavener and shall carry out the duties of the governing body as specified in 11 O.S. § 22-112 dealing with dilapidated buildings. Property owner(s) shall have the right of appeal to the municipal governing body from any order of the Administrative Officer. Such appeal shall be taken by filing written notice of appeal with the municipal clerk within ten (10) days after the administrative order is rendered.

Additionally, takes complaints from the public, investigates and inspects public nuisances concerning weeds, trash, non-operating vehicles, neglected property, erosion control and other public nuisances. Prepares reports, official abatement notices; records action taken and follow up requirements. May inspect public nuisances without a complaint; reviews County documents to determine property ownership; formulates necessary documents for City Council action. Contacts property owners concerning possible code violations and requirements to correct violation