Heavener Sanitation Department

Solid Waste Collections is managed and billed by the Heavener Utilities Authority. This service is provided under contract by Russell Vanhook, Vanhook Sanitation referred to hereafter as the contractor.

The Contractor collects all of the solid waste within the municipal boundaries of the City of Heavener and dispose of same at a Transfer Station or at an approved landfill. White goods, metal, tires, brush, and leaves shall not be considered as garbage and the Contractor will not be responsible for collection of these items.

The residential pick-up will be curbside at least once each week. Contact the Utility Clerk for current rate charges. The charge is to be for each residential dwelling will be based upon a flat rate to be collected from each hook-up or unit family dwelling, whichever is greater.

The Utility Clerk collects the contract price for each residential dwelling or meter, whichever is greater, and generates a monthly report for the City Clerk to pay the contractor.

The Contractor will set a fee for each commercial customer for pick-up charges depending on the amount and frequency of the service. The commercial service will vary from daily to at least once each week dependent upon the need, volume of waste, and negotiated service. Minimum commercial rate and service will be equal to minimum residential rate and service. In the event a disagreement arises between the Contractor and a commercial customer, the HUA Board of Trustees, shall have the final authority to determine the rate.

The Contractor will provide ample notification of scheduled holidays. Any unforeseen changes in the schedule (due to mechanical failures, etc.) will require the City Clerk or City Manager be notified of such changes immediately with expected resumption of normal services.