Heavener Fire Chief and Assistant chief 09

Heavener Fire Department Fire Chief Sam McFarland (right)
and Assistant Fire Chief Tim Davis (left)

The Heavener Volunteer Fire Department maintains an ISO rating of 3 for the district through many hours and hard work. They average three minutes for the 1st Fire apparatus to roll out the door. Average personnel response is 9 firefighters per call out.

The department has 20 volunteer firefighter positions consisting of:

  • Fire Chief
  • Asst Fire Chief
  • Fire Captains (2 each)
  • Safety/Training Officers (2 each)
  • Firefighters (14 each)

Interested in joining the team?

Members of the Heavener Volunteer Fire Department demonstrate the required agility test for new applicants.

The agility test determines the basic level of strength, coordination and endurance for a citizen to become a probationary member of the department, and consist of:

  • Placing a twelve foot access ladder against a building with out assistance.
  • Unrolling a 1 ½ inch fire hose and then rolling it back up; then pick-up the rolled hose and carry it 200 feet.
  • The applicant has to haul-out two joints of a 3 inch hose to full length without assistance
  • Then they move a 100 feet and strikes the timbers with the back of the fire axe to simulate chopping through a roof for ventilation.