The City Clerk is appointed by the City Manager and holds office at his pleasure. The Clerk serves as the Clerk of the City Commission and the Heavener Utilities Authority Board of Trustees, and has custody of and is responsible for all books, papers, maps, and records belonging to the city not in actual use by other officers or by special provisions committed to their custody. The Clerk attends all meetings of the City Commission and keeps a record of the proceedings of the same, and signs and attests all ordinances, resolutions or other acts of the City Commission.

Additionally, the Clerk serves in a leadership role as Department Head, for the City and Heavener Utilities Authority Administrative staff, consisting of the Utility Clerk, Court Clerk and Deputy Clerk; and as Administrator for approved city health plan, and employee retirement system.

The City Clerk certifies to the correctness of all reports made public by the City Commission and shall be custodian of the seal of the city, and serves as the Chief Accounting Officer for the City and Authority, and shall prepare such financial statements and reports of the financial condition as required by the city manager, commission, authority or by ordinance.  Accomplishes bank reconciliation’s, maintains financial records, and performs grant administration.  Prepares employee payroll checks; quarterly, monthly and pay period reports.  Prepare purchase orders, compile invoices, and non-collusion affidavits for expenditures of city and authority funds. Assist in the preparation and submission to the commission an annual budget recommendation,  countersigns all warrants for the payment of moneys drawn on the city treasurer and shall issue receipts for all moneys or other things of value coming into the office. Keeping the city manager fully advised as to the financial condition of the city.

The Clerk retains all documents, grant documents, master file of city equipment and property, and warranty deeds for city property properly indexed and ensures they are open to the public for inspection when not in actual use. Maintains employee records and files as required by the city manager for proper administration, more efficient and economical administration of the affairs of the city.

The City Clerk shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be required by the City Manager, by ordinance, resolution or motion of the City Commission. Recommend to the city manager for adoption such measures deemed necessary or expedient for the proper administration of the city and good of service to the public.  Serve as the Clerk of the court or designate and supervise a deputy for such purposes.