Court Clerk

The Court Clerk serves in the City’s Legal Administrative Department performing all clerk duties with running, filing and keeping of document trails for the financial aspects of the City of Heavener Municipal Court.

The Court Clerk is hired by the city manager and reports directly to the City Clerk. She maintains custody of and is responsible for all books, papers, documents, and records belonging to and derived from the actions of the Municipal Court; and prepares court dockets from all citations issued and retains copies for two years in the file. Citations and paid bench warrants are maintained for a three year period in the file.

The Court Clerk attends all court dates, maintains records of court minutes. She collects fines and bond monies giving proper receipt and depositing the same in the appropriate fund account (General Fund, Penalty Assessment Fund, or Drug/Alcohol Training Fund.

The Court Clerk prepares bench warrants for failure to appear at the designated court dates, providing a hard copy to the Police Department after signature by the Municipal Judge. After warrant has been executed and closed out it is returned to the Court Clerk for appropriate action per the Municipal Judges direction.

The Court Clerk maintains an audit trail of all fines, bonds and fees collected from court actions; and prepares on-line the monthly reports for OSBI, AFIS, and Forensic fees, providing the report to the City Clerk for processing and forwarding of the required fees.